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To my cousins

Hello to all the members of DNS. Say out the password aloud before you continue reading further 😀

My favourite people .You guys are fun and crazy in your own ways and I’m always happy and smiling when I am with you guys.

Shraddha, cutie piee! I’m so glad that I got to visit your place in the US when you were just born. I love the fact that you are always inquisitive and curious to know about things. Your ideas and out of the box thinking always amazes me. One thing that I just cannot forget is “Pink lips”! Remember her? You are so cute.  

Nikhil, the only boy in the DNS group 😀 From a lil baby to now, your face just hasn’t changed 😛 Cute as always. I have so much fun with u. In spite of the 10 year age gap, we get along so well . Coming up with random nick names for you, trying to scare you with the “chandramukhi” voice, finding starters to eat in the weddings are some of the things that I will never forget haha. Oh, and I also love your telangana accent 😛 Oh and how can I forget to mention the incident where you made all your friends serve water to everyone in your house warming ceremony while you were happily enjoying your dessert with me 😛 😛 Be the fun you always.

Shreya, the first time I got to spend a good amount of time was when I came to the US for a vacation in my 7th grade. You were around 3 then. I don’t remember much of what I saw in Florida or Washington but I very very clearly remember “SHREK 2”. OMG! You made us put that movie in the car on an infinite loop haha 😛 I was excited when u guys shifted to India and we got to spend a lot of time together. It was awesome when you visited us in Bangalore. All the shopping in brigade road, your love for fake nails, late night conversations and school gossip was so much fun. You are my partner in craziness. Remember the time when we randomly danced on “chittyan kaliyan” in the middle of the bronx zoo? 😛 I wish we get to spend more time together in the future but I always cherish the memories that we have till now.

Nidhi, I love you so much. You will be my little baby sister forever. I just can’t believe that you are in college already. I still remember you as the lil kid who used to play “kitchen set” with me haha. Though we have a 5 year age gap, i never felt it (now I don’t know if I am kiddish or if you were smart for your age haha). The best part of my  childhood would be the summers that we spent together in Hyderabad. Making a time table for each day, watching baby looney tunes,playing “kitchen kitchen” & “office office”, having a lemonade stall, setting up a museum with random things that we found in the house. Oh man! We were pretty innovative haha 😛 Our bond grew so strong over the years and I love how we are even today. Sharing all thoughts and secrets. I hope we stay this way forever. You are very very special to me and will be always. 

Nidhi,Shreya,Nikki and Sharaddhu. I love you all. The fun times that we had together at amamma tathu’s house will be treasured forver. And I hope you all have your DNS cards safe.

Until next time…

With Love

Your Deechu Akka


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