To my cute little neighbour

I don’t know when you will be able to read this read or understand this letter, but let me tell you that from the time you were born till now(you are 2 now 😛 ), you have been a cute package of happiness for me.

It is said that the best things in life are spontaneous. And so was our relationship. I met you when you were a few days old, and I never thought that I would become so attached to you.

Iru doll, you are the happiest part of my day. You are the cutest little baby ever. Your smile is so contagious. No matter what mood I am in, seeing your face makes everything okay. Anyone who spends a few minutes with you or actually even sees you, instantly fall in love with you and your cuteness.

Oh and you made me revise all the nursery rhymes all over again haha 😛 I can now proudly say that I’m a pro in “Chuchu” TV rhymes and I know all the shows that air on Baby TV 😀

And cutie pie, you are soo much like me haha. A big Drama Queen. All your “nakre” are so adorable. And your love for makeup haha 😛 I also like how you try to follow me around and try to do whatever I do ❤ I really enjoy singing and dancing with you. Singing “one lil monkey jumping on the bed” for you, dancing on “love you zindagi”,  “selfie le le” and “the break up song” with you is so much fun. And trust me, you have made me more creative as I have to try and come up with new new games and acts everyday to make you laugh.

You’re the one who loves trying out all my bracelets, you’re the one who loves making a fake tent with quilts, you’re the one who does a crazy dance in front of the cooler and I join you in all the madness. And I actually enjoy them so much. Even if I don’t see you for a day, I miss you so much.

My little angel, stay this happy and excited always :* And I’ll love you this much and wayyy more forever.

Until next time…

With Love

Your Deechu Akka