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To my grandparents

Here’s a letter to the most selfless people that I know. Tathu & Amamma you guys are the bestest ever. Your energy and an ever ready attitude to do anything always amazes me. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents who always want the best for me and always try to do the best they can to see me happy.

You both have been a very major part of childhood as our houses were close by. I still remember the times when I used to be passed over the wall to your house haha.  Tathu, remember those times when you used to carry me on the railway track and we would go to the closest station and you would buy me groundnuts there? And amamma, even till today, there hasn’t been a time when you didn’t send one of your yummy dishes all the way to Bangalore for me, when mamma or dada visited you alone.

The best part of my childhood was the summers that I spent at your place in Hyderabad. 2 long months of extra love and pampering. You both always ensured that me and all the cousins had a great time. I love listening to all your childhood stories and adventures. And till my engineering days, no matter where we stayed, you both were always there for my birthday every year. It means a lot to me. 

Going for a swim with you both, amamma’s love for pizzas, tathu’s yummy biryani and barbecue are just the best. Yes, my grandparents are super cool 😀 The best ever. You both never missed wishing me luck and blessing me for my every exam or presentation. I love how you still treat me like a little kid whenever I visit. Your blessings and support has helped me  achieve things in life.

I never really got a chance to say this before but I am very thankful to have such amazing people as grandparents. I love spending time with you both. Your never ending care and love for the family inspires me to grow up and become like you. Thank you for everything. I love you both so much. ❤

Until next time…

With love

Your Deechu