To my dad

The world has many heroes. They all give in their best at what they do and they deserve all the fame and appreciation they get.But among all the heroes in the world, there is not one admired more than the guy I call dada.

The best dada in the world. You are more of a friend than a dad actually. We have so much fun together and we also fight for silly things like the TV remote haha. But I have to admit the house is kind of gloomy when you go on your trips.

I’m sure that I wouldn’t have attended half of my classes so far if you didn’t keep rushing me to get ready quickly every morning 😛 It’s really sweet how you have been dropping me to my bus stop from the time I joined school till now, even when I’m working. You guys still treat me like a little kid haha. I like how you are very passionate about food, travel and books. Oh and hi5 for winning the “Best Daddy Chef Contest”. You are a great cook! And I’m a good assistant chef 😛

You never say a no to me when I randomly want a new dress or when I want to go out for a dinner. You take the best care of me and mamma. You were always there for me and supported and encouraged me to go ahead and achieve my goals. You are an inspiration. Setting up your own business, and making it successful takes a lot of courage and dedication and you did it! I am so proud of you dada. You are very organised and punctual and it’s just amazing how you plan tasks perfectly and execute them. I want to be like you.

Thank you for introducing me to the world of books. Starting from secret seven series in my childhood, this habit of reading will never die. No matter how cranky or crazy I get, you always try to make me feel okay after a few minutes. That means a lot to me. Thank you so much for that.

Without the inspiration, drive and support that you and mamma gave, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. I love you so much dada.

Until next time…

With Love

Your Deechu