Nomoshkar Kolkata – The city of Joy!

Kolkata, the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal, is the perfect blend of culture, art, heritage and modernisation.  If you are planning to visit a  place with grand architecture and rich culture, Kolkata is the right place. Situated on the banks of Hoogly river, the best time to visit this place would be from October – March.


DAY – 1

So before I visited Kolkata, I had this pre-defined image about the city based on the movies that I have seen. But it was taken by surprise when I saw the first glimpse of Kolkata from the plane. I could see hundreds of coconut trees and many tiny streams. I actually thought that I boarded a plane to Kerala 😛

The British Architecture is very evident throughout the city, be it the wide roads or the architecture of most of the buildings. We stayed at Hyatt Regency. I was in love with the hotel from the moment we entered it. It was luxurious.


In the evening we were all set to attend my friend’s wedding. It was a traditional Bengali style wedding and we got to see a completely different culture and we got to taste the typical Bengali food. We also got to taste over 20 variety of sweets.



DAY – 2

We started our day with a yummy breakfast buffet at the Hyatt. After doing a mini photooshoot at the hotel, my parents and I left the hotel for sightseeing.


The Pool @ Hyatt

Our first stop was at Victoria Memorial which is one of the most iconic places in Kolkata. It is a magnificent building made from marble located in the heart of the city. This monument is dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria. This gives an experience of the architecture during the Victorian era. It is now a museum consisting of more than 25 galleries including the royal gallery, the sculpture gallery and the Calcutta gallery among others.


The next stop was Priya Gopal Bishoy which is a 150 year old shop that sells authentic Bengali sarees 😛 This was mom’s paradise 😛 But I must admit that she was fast as she bought over 10 sarees in less than an hour 🙂

There are two iconic restaurants in Park Street which are a must visit – Peter Cat and Mocambo! We went to Peter Cat for lunch that day and their famous dish – the chelo kabab was delicious. It’s a must try.

Chelo Kebab – Peter Cat, Park Street

It was 4.30 PM by the time we returned to our hotel and we enjoyed the view of a beautiful sunset from our room. We had access to the VIP lounge area of Hyatt (Thanks to aunty 😀 ), so we spent the evening there and had an early dinner.

DAY – 3

Our first destination on this day was Kali Ghat. It is a temple of the goddess kali and is believed to be very powerful. After getting a good darshan, we headed to Princep Ghat. This is view point of the new bridge that has been constructed over the Hoogly river.


Then we went to the famous Howrah Bridge, which links the two cities of Howrah and Kolkata. It is a cantilever bridge as is often used as a  famous symbol of Kolkata and West Bengal. We drove over this bridge and the architecture is just amazing.

Drive through the Howrah Bridge

The next stop was at Jorasanko Thakur Bari which is the house of the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore. The house has been converted to a museum and the rooms have been restored to reflect the way they looked when Tagore family lived there. This is located n the midst of an extremely crowded street but the moment we enter the compound of this house, there is immense calmness and peace.

The House



After that, we visited the Mother House which has the tomb of Mother (now Saint) Teresa. We then went to have lunch at the other famous restaurant on park street, Mocambo.

Chicken Sizzler

My opinion, I liked Peter Cat more 😀

In the evening, we went to Swissotel to attend the reception party of my friend.


DAY – 4

On our last day in Kolkata, we visited the Dakshineshwar temple, situated on the eastern bank of Hoogly river. It’s a beautiful temple and there is a lot of peace in the area.


We then had to go to Belur Math established by Swami Vivekananda. So we hired a boat from Dakshineshwar temple to Belur Math. The boat ride was for a duration of 15-20 minutes and was beautiful. This was my favourite part of the trip 😀

We hired an entire boat just for the 3 of us 😀
Belur Math

This trip was a great one and gave me so many beautiful memories that will be cherished forever. Nomoshkar Kolkata! 😀