Malaysia – Truly Asia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that is known for its beaches, shopping districts and mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures. Kuala Lumpur, the capital, is home to the world’s tallest twin towers – Petronas Towers. So here’s what you can do when you have 4 days in Malaysia 😀

Day – 1

It takes about 5 hours to travel from Bangalore,India to Kuala Lumpur. We reached our hotel around 9 in the morning.

After starting the day with a typical Malaysian breakfast, we then went to the Central Market which is one of the primary shopping areas in town. This place has all the authentic Malaysian goodies and it was opened all the way back in 1880.

In the evening we went for a firefly tour. This was a start to my birthday celebrations which was on the next day. This place is located in the outskirts of the city and is one of the lesser known tourist attractions so it is less crowed compared to the other places. Once we reached the place, we were taken in a boat for 15-20mins to the natural habitat of fireflies. And once we reached there, it was a treat to the eyes.There were thousands of fireflies everywhere and it looked as though the entire forest covered with fairy lights. It was an enchanting experience and transports you to straight to a  Disney scene.


After the tour, we were taken to a restaurant by the lake where we were served with delicious seafood dinner. We then went back to the hotel room and my parents &aunt started preparations for my mid-night birthday party 😀

Day – 2 (My Birthday! Yay! :D)

This was one of my best birthdays! The day started off at 12AM with a midnight birthday party and cake cutting with the Malaysian skyline at the backdrop. They got me a Tiramisu cheesecake which is the local popular flavor.

We managed to catch some sleep and in the morning I was all set for the day filled with surprises. Deciding not to skip the regular Indian birthday traditions, we started off the day by going to a temple.And we followed Chinese traditions as well 😛

We then headed to the KL tower for my next surprise! Lunch at the revolving restaurant, Atmosphere 360 😀 It was about 300m above the ground level and offered an amazing view of the entire city. The place was elegant and they served great food. I have always wanted to go to a revolving restaurant and that’s another thing checked off my bucket list 😀

The next destination for the day was the trademark of Malaysia, the Petronas towers. We were allowed to go up to the observation deck and the construction facts about the twin towers are really fascinating.

Finally for the birthday dinner, we went to the Sky bar in Trader’s hotel, which offers the best view of the Petronas towers. The entire day was Petronas themed and I loved my birthday! 😀

Day – 3

The next day morning we went to the Batu Caves. Its takes about an hour to reach there from KL city and is usually very crowded. The Malaysian Tamil settlement is very prominent in this area.img_3948                                                                                                                                                                              In the evening, we went to iCity! This is a place that should not be missed when you visit Malaysia. Its a theme park that runs on solar energy. All the trees there are artificial and they have solar panels on them. They absorb sunlight all day and they glow in the night. The park is open from evening till midnight and its a wonderful sight. This placed reminded me a lot of the Avatar movie.

Day – 4

A visit to the KL Bird park is a must in Malaysia. Its a huge 20 acre public aviary and a major tourist stop. It house many different species of birds and has attractions like the bird show and bird feeding.

The KL park is the right place to get perfect pictures with the Petronas towers. After our mini photo shoot at the park, we headed back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and go the airport 🙂

So if you’re looking for either a fun & adventurous trip or a relaxed & laid back trip for a short duration, Malaysia is the right place! 😀