All Aboard

Cruise is something that I always wanted to go on. There’s just something about a cruise, something wonderful that is difficult to explain until you actually do it.

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When we visited US for my Christmas vacation, we went to Miami,Florida.                      (Here’s the link to my post on Miami 😀 ) So on every international trip that we (Parents, aunt and I) go on, my aunt plans a surprise. And this time it was a cruise 😀

“The Norwegian Sky” from Miami to Bahamas and back.

We were so thrilled when we found out that we were going on a cruise. And the icing on the cake was that she had booked a premium penthouse suite with a private deck.

Day – 1

I was so excited when we reached the port and our cruise looked magnificent. There was similar security check like the ones that we have in the airport before we could enter our cruise. It was beautiful inside, like a grand luxurious hotel.


As we had a premium suite, we had a 24×7 butler and an event manager exclusively for us. They led us to our room and it was awesome 😀 The private deck was the best part!     Sitting in your private deck with champagne as the ship was leaving the port was a very unique experience that will be cherished always.

We then went to an Italian speciality restaurant that served probably the best Italian food that I have ever eaten. Also, there was a 24 hour cafeteria called the Garden café that was open for all.


It was a wonderful feeling to wake up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We had a really delicious breakfast, after which we had to go to this island called ‘The Great Stirrup Cay’. This is a private island owned by Norwegian. We had to go to the island in small boats and that was when we could actually feel that the ocean was actually rough with strong waves. The color of the water was beautiful. We played in the beach for some time and did a little shopping on the island after which we were served typical Caribbean lunch. Soon after that, my family headed back to the cruise. As most of the passengers were on the island, the ship was comparatively empty and we had a change to explore and relish it more

In the evening, we attended a game show called Deal or No Deal which was more or less similar to the TV version. The way it was conducted was amazing.                                            We then went to the Casino and that was my favorite part of the cruise 😀 Gambling ❤ 😛   That night we went to a French specialty restaurant for dinner and later fell asleep watching the endless ocean.

Day -3

By the time we woke up, we had already reached Bahamas. There were different tourist options given to us and we choose the 3 hour Bahamas tour where they took us to the Atlantis, Fort Charlotte and other places. Soon after the tour, we came back to the cruise.

We had our lunch in the garden café. In the evening we again went to Deal or No Deal in which we won some cruise money which we used to buy pictures of us taken by the professional photographers at different places in the cruise. Later we hit the casino 😀 That was a lot of fun. We then went for a musical before going back to our room.


Back to Miami:

The next morning, we reached Miami port and were all ready for our checkout.

The modern day cruises have redefined the general notion that people have about cruises – “Eat and Sleep”. On larger cruise ships you can be as active as you want to be. The fitness centres are massive. Throughout the day there are classes, sports, movies, you name it, there are a million ways to keep yourself active and occupied. You can also go to the spa or sit around the pool all day. The flexibility is the best part about cruises.

I loved our cruise. If I had to describe the whole 3 days experience in a word, it would be “Luxury”.