A day in Vegas

Las Vegas is also known also the entertainment capital of the world.

We decided to go to Vegas to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We reached there around 9 in the night. All that we could see was tall buildings all around that were glowing. There were lights everywhere and the city was very active.

The Trump International


I was thrilled when we reached our hotel, the Trump International. It was very grand and luxurious. After a good  night’s sleep, we were all set to explore Vegas. We went to the Vegas strip. This is the road along which most of the casinos are located.

The Venetian Casino

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It was really beautiful inside. Since it represents Venice, there was a large artificial canal that was flowing through the entire casino. We could go around in boats which are called as gondola which travel through the Grand Canal Shoppes and the ride lasts about 15 minutes. The lovely architecture is Italian-inspired inside the casino, as well as the blue sky-painted ceiling.

The Mirage

america 2010 3 114

After having a great time at the Venetian, we went to the next casino, The Mirage. It is a  Polynesian-themed hotel. It is famous for its Dolphin habitat and the artificial volcano which erupts every night at particular times. They also have a zoo which has many animals including the white tigers.

We had our lunch at The Mirage and it was a great spread.

The Wynn


america 2010 3 164           america 2010 3 173

After seeing the Vegas fountain show in front of Bellagio, we went to Wynn to watch a musical show called Le Reve. This show is set in an aquatic stage with a 1 million gallon water capacity and features the actors performing various water related feats and diving. The show was magical. It takes you to a whole new world.

We all enjoyed the stay in Vegas and there is no city like it. A day spent in Casinos is a day well spent 😀


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